Musings From The Frequently Confused

Ironies From Across The World

This is an observation I had a few weeks ago, and before it becomes permanently irrelevant I will share it now.

As uprisings have been held across the world, from Egypt and Libya to Iran, and even down-home Wisconsin, various leaders have chosen to both speak and act…..

From Iran, in response to uprisings in various nations in the Middle East (though, almost certainly, not in Iran), Ahmadinijad suggested that leaders should heed the voice of the people. This was shortly followed by violent attacks on protesters in Tehran.

Secretary of State Clinton proclaimed that governments should honor their citizens right to express themselves — presumably she was speaking of both Egypt and Libya. Because….

Here in Wisconsin, Governor Walker had a pro-union website blocked in and around the State capitol.

So much for practicing what we preach.

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