Musings From The Frequently Confused

Hello, Cruel World!

This is new for me….. My personal feeling is that too many people think that their opinions ought to be shared with the entire world. It speaks to a certain arrogance that must reside within that person. And so, here I am, expressing my inner arrogance.

The intent of this blog is to comment on the cultural and political ironies of our time. That intent begs a question: who am I? Culturally? Politically?

Well, culturally I’m just your average educated white guy. Raised in the US in both Chicago and Los Angeles, I come from European stock and was (and continue to be) firmly rooted in the American Middle Class. I am probably all the things you think of when imagining such a man — both good and bad. And yet, I am also none of these stereotypes.

Politically, I suppose I am even more complicated. I hate labels, especially political ones. I am a registered Democrat, principally because we live in a two-party system and I do not wish to dilute the vote by aligning myself with a third party. And I suppose you would describe me as leftish. But to be more accurate, let me describe my politics thus: I believe that the difference between the haves and the have-nots in this country is far too great and I believe that government has a role to play in decreasing that inequity. I also believe in democracy, that is, I think people ought to have a role in the political decisions that affect their daily lives. Lastly, I believe that peoples private lives should remain private and that government has no place legislating morality. I suppose that all of this makes me part Social Democrat and part Libertarian.

Yes, call me complicated.

It is my hope to comment on the path we walk down each day. Really, culture and politics are frequently the same, and really are the core of what and who we are as Americans. Hopefully, in commenting I can help to bridge the divide that seems to be growing and growing here. While my beliefs are firmly held, I do not for one instant think that my opinion is more correct than any other. I therefore welcome comments from across the political spectrum. However, I expect those comments to be thoughtful and diplomatically delivered. This is not the place for more heated rhetoric.

Cheers Friends. Let us all enjoy the ride!

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